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04 July 2024

School Based Health Checks (SBHC)

Danila Dilba's School Based Health Checks (SBHC) are well underway around Darwin and Palmerston, with our SBHC teams visiting Clontarf Foundation students over the last few months.

What is a School Based Health Check?
SBHC are important because they familiarise students with the process of getting a health check and yarning to our staff. This builds confidence for when they need to visit our clinics in the future.

Danila Dilba's SBHC are carried out by the following clinics to Clontarf Academies: 

  • Palmerston Clinic (Palmerston Middle School and Palmerston Senior School)
  • Humpty Doo Clinic (Taminmin College)
  • Malak Clinic (Sanderson Middle School and Dripstone Middle School)
  • Rapid Creek Clinic (Nightcliff Middle School and Casuarina Senior College)
  • Bagot Clinic (Haileybury Rendall School)

Our SBHC teams consist of a GP; an AHP or RN; an administration officer (medical receptionist or an Indigenous outreach worker); and the DDHS oral health therapist.

While the majority of our SBHC are carried out on Clontarf students, some clinics also engage with the Stars Foundation at the same schools. 

Two Danila Dilba AHPs give Deadly Choices singlets out to three Nightcliff Middle School students after they get their School Based Health Checks.
Photo: Danila Dilba School Based Health Checks with Clontarf Foundation students at Nightcliff Middle School.