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Why Work For Us

Join Danila Dilba – Where Every Person Matters

Follow your path at Danila Dilba. 

We take a holistic approach to health and well-being, and are proud to be closing the gap in Indigenous primary care, one helping hand at a time.

Why work for us?

You will work alongside a team of down to earth people who are dedicated to what they do. You will have the opportunity to make a real impact in closing the gap in Indigenous healthcare and wellbeing… one helping hand at a time. You will have variety in your role, always experiencing and learning something new, while having the opportunity to really progress your career here. We want you to be proud of both the work you do and of who you work for! 

Working in an Aboriginal Health Service 

Working in the AMS space is not always easy, and it's certainly not the right path for everyone. For the right people with the right motivations, working with us is a unique and incredibly rewarding experience that will grow you as both a person and a professional. A high level of cultural awareness and a demonstrated concern for or commitment to closing the gap is a must in any role with us.

Indigenous Australians - At the heart of our team; at the heart of our work

Indigenous people make up almost half of our workforce, a diversity we are so proud of. Working for us means delivering a positive, impactful and comfortable experience for every client, while sharing your understanding and perspective of your culture with us, something that is truly invaluable. We value our people, and encourage a positive work environment, along with harmonious, cooperative relationships with employees, management and clients. 

Make a real difference

A recent independent  study by Deloitte looking at three focus areas showed that each dollar invested in DDHS  provides $4.18 of benefits  to  society, and thus, each  additional  dollar  invested into  primary health  care  services provided by  DDHS provides a strong  return.  Currently, DDHS  is able to deliver these  improved health  outcomes  to almost  80%  of the  Greater Darwin Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population.

As part of our Danila Dilba team....

You’ll IMPACT the community, helping close the gap in Indigenous healthcare and wellbeing, one helping hand at a time. 

You’ll be PROUD, both of the work you do and who you work for. 

You’ll work with a TEAM, alongside people who are down to earth and truly dedicated to what we do. 

You’ll EXPERIENCE and learn something new every day through the variety of your role.

You’ll embrace the OPPORTUNITY to progress your career - follow your path at Danila Dilba. 


For further information please contact Danila Dilba Human Resources

Binyolkga Centre, 28 Knuckey St, Darwin, NT 0801
T: (08) 89425400

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