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DDHS General Practitioners

DDHS client meets with GP Emma Fitzsimmons at Rapid Creek Clinic. Emma has her hand on the client's wheelchair. Both people are smiling for the photo.
(08) 8942 5400
All Clinics

Our general practitioners (GPs) operate out of all our clinics, including our Mobile Clinic (weekly at Ozanam House) and the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre Clinic.

Our GPs include:

  • Emma Ellis
  • Emma Fitzsimons
  • Fiona MacDonald
  • Humera Safi
  • Jane Karmouche
  • Justine Mayer
  • Lorraine Milo
  • Lucy Hurlstone
  • Mark Myerscough
  • Nicole Carter
  • Owain Greville
  • Paul Gilbert
  • Punsanda Abeyaratne
  • Russell Carter
  • Raymun Ghumman
  • Saidah Haron
  • Sarah Giles
  • Simone Liddy
  • Sofia Mir
  • Stratos Roussos
  • Thomas Atkinson
  • Win Win
  • Winne Chen
  • Zara Mansoor

To make an appointment to see one of our GPs, call (08) 8942 5400 or visit one of our clinics.