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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and other drugs

The Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) service provides support to clients and their families, who are impacted by alcohol or drugs.

We support clients and their families to seek change in an individuals alcohol or drug use or help the client access AOD treatment or rehabilitation.

The AOD team's service is accessible, confidential and meets the clients’ cultural needs.

The AOD staff work from your local clinic, and in partnership with external organisations. We provide outreach services to people living rough in the Darwin suburbs, and information about Danila Dilba Health Service, what services are available and how to access these services.

Speak to your local clinic staff about how to get access to this service.

The Alcohol and Other Drug service provides:

  • clients with education and information on harm minimisation strategies to reduce the harmful impacts of alcohol or drug use;
  • basic counselling to clients experiencing problems with AOD use;
  • brief interventions to clients about services they can access, which can help in reducing the impacts that alcohol and drugs has on their health;
  • referral to other providers, such as rehabilitation and withdrawal services;
  • diversion and social inclusion activities to support clients engaged in the AOD service
  • advocacy to internal and external services on behalf of clients;
  • AOD education to youth and community groups;
  • health promotion across the Darwin and Palmerston region through events and health expo’s, promoting the importance of seeing your local community controlled medical service and having regular health checks.

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