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Danila Dilba’s COVID-19 Response

Danila Dilba operated a respiratory clinic in the early days of the pandemic in 2021 when testing capacity for COVID-19 was needed. When vaccinations were determined to be safe and effective, Danila Dilba pivoted its attention to giving vaccinations both through regular clinics, a vaccination centre and a mobile vaccination clinic helping transient and homeless clients to get vaccinated. The organisation also works closely with the Northern Territory government, media and other healthcare organisations to advocate for safe places to isolate after COVID-19 tests and planning for living with COVID-19.

All of our clinics abide by strict COVID-19 safety protocols, including sanitiser provision, mask-wearing and social distancing. Keep an eye out for Danila Dilba stickers indicating how far away to stand and sit from one another and keep each other safe when coming to our clinics!

Getting vaccinated

Vaccination is the best way to keep yourself, your family, and your community safe from COVID-19. Danila Dilba provides COVID-19 vaccinations to all people over the age of 12 (whether Indigenous or non-Indigenous) at our Vaccination Centre.

Danila Dilba offers the COVID-19 vaccination in our clinics.

To make an appointment, call 8942 5400 and press * to speak to our Vaccination Centre staff, or book online.

Client registration forms can be downloaded and completed prior to your appointment.

Danila Dilba staff vaccinations

Danila Dilba’s staff have had compulsory vaccination since June 2021, with all staff vaccinated except those with medical exemptions. This lowers the risk of staff catching COVID-19, developing symptoms, spreading COVID-19, and being hospitalised or seriously sick as a result of COVID-19. In making this decision as an organisation, we are protecting our valued employees as well as all of our clients.