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15 June 2016

Our Deadliest role model

Danila Dilba Health Service was proud to present longterm client Mr Philip Baban with a Lifetime Achievement Award to celebrate the 40 years of no drinking and 30 years off the smokes.

Mr Baban with Deputy Chief Minister

The Deputy Chief Minister, the Honourable Peter Styles MLA and Danila Dilba Health Service’s Board Chairperson Mr Braiden Abala both made special presentations to acknowledge this significant milestone for Mr Baban. This was in the presence of many of his family, friends and all the staff of Danila Dilba.

It was a particularly special day as Mr Baban’s granddaughter, Dr Louise Bourke who is completing her General Practice training with Danila Dilba, was able to share in the event. Mr Baban who turned 87 in May said he has reached that age and has the quality of life that he does due to the deadly choices he made 40 years ago.

Mr Baban’s eldest daughter Veronica McClintick spoke on behalf of Mr Baban’s family and reflected on this special occasion being an another important part of their healing journey. She also acknowledged and thanked Danila Dilba staff of for their ongoing care of her father, particularly because that care allowed him to maintain his independence.

If you want to get help with alcohol, smoking or other health issues, come in and make an appointment for a health check so we can support you in making your own deadly choices.