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Deadly Choices


What is Deadly Choices?


A campaign developed to encouraging the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to make healthy lifestyle choices that would increase life expectancy, while also preventing and managing chronic illness. Deadly Choices is an early intervention and prevention program that complements Danila Dilba Health Service’s clinical programs. Deadly Choices aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Key to this is encouraging our people to stop smoking, to eat good food and to exercise daily. Deadly Choices also encourages our people to access their local Community-Controlled Health Service and to complete an annual “Health Check”.

To encourage our people to participate in having an annual Health Check, clients receive a Deadly Choices Shirt. The designs of these shirts change yearly, and there are special shirts for special events such as Movember shirts for Health Checks for men in October. All health promotion activities in the Community Programs sector come under Deadly Choices.

The Deadly Choices education program is comprised of a 8 module health education and capacity development course. The Program primarily targets young people aged 15–18 and encourages participants to be positive role models and mentors for their family, peer group and community in leading a healthy lifestyle.

The 8 modules of Deadly Choices Education

  1. Leadership – What is a good leader in the context of Indigenous Australia.
  2. Chronic Disease – Basic knowledge around what is a chronic disease and how you support someone who has a chronic disease issue.
  3. Healthy Minds – Discussion about a variety of mental health symptoms and ways of supporting people who are affected by mental health.
  4. Tobacco – Dangers of up taking smoking and what supports are offered to stop smoking.
  5. Nutrition – What is healthy to eat and how much should you eat.
  6. Physical Activity – What is physical activity and how much should be done.
  7. Harmful Substances – What is a harmful substance and what are the effects short term and long term.
  8. Healthy Relationships – What does a healthy relationship looks like and what you need to do to have a healthy relationship.

Deadly Choices Ambassadors

The Deadly Choices program has been very successful in engaging and educating people of all ages, and particularly young people, with assistance from our Deadly Choices Ambassadors – Steven Motlop (Port Adelaide AFL player), Kylie Duggan (Tracy Village Jets basketball player), Patrick Johnson (sprinter) and Sam Rioli (basketball player).

The Ambassadors are prominent members of the community and positive role models in the greater Darwin community. They attend community events and activities to promote healthy lifestyles and the benefits of getting regular health checks in maintaining and improving health.

Deadly Choices Tips

Giving up the Smokes
  • If you smoke start quitting, it is never too late to quit
  • Your smoking hurts your kids and others
Physical Activity
  • Sit less
  • An adult only needs to exercise 30 minutes a day to stay healthy
Safe Drinking
  • 2 cans a day is OK, also allow for a day or two without.
  • Alcohol can hurt your family
Healthy Diet
  • Half your plate vegetables
  • Water is best
Emotional and Social Well-being
  • We can help if you are feeling sad or worried


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