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Cost - benefit and funding analysis of the Danila Dilba Health Service

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Thu, 22/03/2018 - 09:18

This in-depth independent analysis by Deloitte Access Economics delivers a cost benefit analysis into main focus areas  of  interest :– type  2  diabetes, chronic  kidney  disease (CKD),  and  maternal and child health.

The   cost-benefit   analysis   shows   that DDHS   delivers   value   for   money   in   improving Indigenous health outcomes.The cost-benefit analysis indicated that each dollar invested in  DDHS  provides  $4.18
of  benefits  to  society,  and  thus, each  additional  dollar  invested into  primary  health  care  services  provided by  DDHS provides  a  strong  return
Currently, DDHS  is  able  to  deliver  these  improved  health  outcomes  to  almost  80%  of  the  Greater Darwin Indigenous population