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Nathan Jones Cubillo

Meet Nathan Jones-Cubillo - Malak Clinic manager

It's probably the most supported job I've ever had. Working at Danila Dilba has given me the most opportunity and supported me all the way.

In a relatively short space of time, Nathan has progressed from starting with Danila Dilba as an Aboriginal Health Practitioner trainee at the Mens clinic in Darwin, to managing the Malak clinic. Initially, Nathan was supported in his journey by Malcolm Darling, who offered him a traineeship on his second day of a placement for his studies in Aboriginal Health. After completing his qualification, as an Aboriginal Health Practitioner, Nathan started work at the Malak clinic, where he was supported by the then clinic manager Sharni Cardonna.

Quickly seeing his potential, Sharni began training Nathan in managerial functions of the clinic, and he began to take over as acting clinic manager of the Malak clinic in Sharni’s absence. When Sharni moved on to progress her career within Danila Dilba, Nathan took over the role as Malak clinic manager. Nathan is appreciative of the really good team at Malak clinic who all do their part to make his job a lot easier. Of his role, he says “it's probably the most supported job I’ve ever had.” Nathan particularly likes working to help his mob who he is familiar with. For any potential employees for Danila Dilba, Nathan had this to say “If you are nervous about starting a new job, come to Danila Dilba and by the end of the week you’ll be feeling good about where you are.” 

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