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Clinical Governance Committee


The Clinical Governance Committee (Committee) has been established by the Board to assist it in fulfilling its clinical governance and oversight responsibilities in relation to how DDHS is meeting:

  1. the following dimensions of client care – care is appropriate, efficient, safe, consumer-centred, equitable and timely; and
  2. In partnership with the Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee (FRAC) the Quadruple Aim:
  1. Improve people’s experience of care
  2. Improve the health of populations
  3. Improve the cost-efficiency of the health system
  4. Addressing the needs of the healthcare provider

The Committee provides assurance and advice to the Board on:

  1. the effectiveness of safety systems (in relation to both Cultural and Clinical Safety);
  2. the effectiveness of internal control and clinical risk management systems;
  3.  the processes for monitoring compliance with laws, regulations, and standards; and
  4.  policies within the Committee’s areas of responsibility.