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29 June 2020
We would like to inform our community that Danila Dilba will no longer offer a Confirmation of [...]
25 June 2020
Danila Dilba is focussing on raising awareness of the importance of regular health checks for men. [...]
07 May 2020
This special edition of your community newsletter has important information to keep you up to date [...]
31 March 2020
From Wednesday 1 st April 2020, Bagot clinic will only be seeing clients from the Bagot, Kulaluk and [...]
16 March 2020
Important information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) (information current at 16 March 2020) • COVID-19 [...]
05 July 2019
The Danila Dilba Health Service (DDHS) congratulates two highly valued members of the team, John [...]
16 April 2019
Danila Dilba Health Service (DDHS) staff continue to excel in their chosen career pathways, and it [...]
29 March 2019
​There is an Aboriginal children crisis which would be on the front pages if they were white - The [...]