01 March 2016

Recognising Indigenous knowledge

Danila Dilba recognises and values the skills and knowledge of our Indigenous staff and their crucial role in our organisation. Indigenous staff ensure that our services are culturally appropriate and that clients feel culturally safe in our care.

More than 50 of Danila Dilba’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff came together to discuss the issue at a workshop led by our Human Resources Project Officer Nicole Jenkins (pictured).

Nicole Jenkins

The workshop is part of a project that will capture, highlight and promote the valuable skills and community and cultural knowledge Indigenous people bring to the workplace. One of the main outcomes of the project will be to update position descriptions to reflect the value of Danila Dilba’s Indigenous staff

Nicole previously worked at Australian Red Cross where her work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff was instrumental in winning the coveted Australian Human Resources Institute Indigenous Employment Award in 2014.