fbpx Every Indigenous man should have a regular health check | Danila Dilba
Jamie Bremmer providing Danila Dilba client David Adams with a health check
25 June 2020

Every Indigenous man should have a regular health check

Danila Dilba is focussing on raising awareness of the importance of regular health checks for men.

Danila Dilba’s Men’s Clinic at Fannie Bay provides a full range of primary health care services and especially works to raise awareness of the particular health risks for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men. Having an annual health check is important and can help you stay healthy for longer.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men’s health is among the poorest in Australia, with higher rates of chronic illness, and lower life expectancy compared to men of non-Indigenous descent.

Clinic Coordinator, David Adams, said, “We are encouraging all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males to get a regular health check, no matter how healthy they think they are.

“Over the past few years, I have seen too many of our local brothers die too early in life. A simple and easy health check at their local clinic could change this.”

The Men’s Clinic started in 2000 at Danila Dilba’s general clinic in McLachlan Street. In 2005, some strong men in the Darwin Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community asked Danila Dilba to open a full-time clinic to provide a culturally safe environment for men to get medical care. The Clinic’s aim is "that every man should reach 80”.

In 2018, the Clinic moved to new premises in Fannie Bay where our all-male staff offers high quality services in modern, top of the range facilities.

Men’s Clinic GP, Dr Nathan Zweck, said, “The key focus is on health issues that cause Indigenous men to die earlier than they should from things like chronic disease, suicide or cancer. A lot of Aboriginal men are also living with disabilities, very high levels of psychological stress, and substance issues.”

As well as general health care, Danila Dilba offers services to help people quit smoking and get support for alcohol and other drug issues, and social and emotional wellbeing counselling.

A Well Person Health Check can provide early detection and management for chronic illness and help clients make major changes to improve their quality of life.