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An STI epidemic in young people does not signal sexual abuse

The reasons for these rates of STI diagnoses are complicated and complex.
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Should not confuse STI Rates and sexual abuse 8 Mar 18

Former Ministers and media should know better than to confuse STIs and sexual abuse – they are very different issues.
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Opening of Binyolkga Centre 13 Mar 2018

Opening of Binyolkga centre as Danila Dilba expands.
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Rapid Creek Clinic Launch 13 Feb 2018

Closing the Gap with expanded health service delivery.
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Closing the gap and delivering value

The analysis found that Danila Dilba “delivers value for money in improving Indigenous health outcomes”.

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Danila Dilba Health Service recognises the importance of our clients having access to high-quality, culturally-appropriate health care.

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Aboriginal Health Practitioners are the foundation of what we do. Their qualifications and competent clinical skills are complemented by their life experience as Aboriginal people.

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report

Aboriginal Interpreter Service

The Aboriginal Interpreter Service in the Northern Territory (NT) has about 30 interpreters on staff covering the major languages of the NT


Menzies School of Health Research

Leading medical research institute dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians