Danila Dilba Health Service
19 September 2019


Danila Dilba Health Service (DDHS) is an Aboriginal community-controlled organisation, providing culturally appropriate comprehensive primary health care and community services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Darwin and greater Darwin Region.

There is currently a casual vacancy on the DDHS Board (available until the Annual General Meeting in November 2020) in the position of Larrakia Director. To be eligible for this position a person must be:

•    A member of the DDHS Corporation
•    At least 18 years old
•    A Larrakia person (recognised and accepted as a Larrakia person by a Larrakia Organisation and either nominated or endorsed by a Larrakia Organisation)
•    Not an employee of, or a relative of any executive employee of, DDHS.
In addition to meeting these eligibility requirements DDHS is looking for:
•    A person with a sound understanding of corporate governance including the role of directors
•    A member of the Larrakia Community who has extensive knowledge and local networks within the local Aboriginal Community in the greater Darwin Region
•    A person who has knowledge and understanding of service delivery to the Aboriginal community.

This unpaid position requires commitment to attend meetings within working hours. A program of professional development, including membership of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and payment of course fees to attend the AICD Company Directors Course will be made available to the successful applicant (for those who have not already completed it).

Nominees are invited to submit a copy of their resume to companysecretary@ddhs.org.au by C.O.B. 24 October 2019. 

Additional information on the position may be obtained by contacting Jill McGarry on (08) 8942 5472 or via companysecretary@ddhs.org.au