fbpx Life in the NT in a COVID-19 world | Danila Dilba

Life in the NT in a COVID-19 world

The NT has experienced several short, sharp lockdowns due to COVID-19 positive individuals being in the community. 

Once the community is 80% vaccinated, more people from interstate may come to the NT and the virus may be spread more in the NT. In this scenario, lockdowns may include lock-outs. 

Basically, vaccinated people will be able to continue their normal lives while wearing masks, while unvaccinated people will basically be locked down – they will only be able to leave home for the following 5 reasons.

  1. Medical treatment
  2. Essential goods and services
  3. Essential work 
  4. One hour of outdoor exercise within 5km of home with your household or one other person
  5. Caring duties

For more information on life after 80% COVID-19 vaccinations, have a look at the Northern Territory Governments freedoms and restrictions page.